Mandala:Jurnal Ilmu Hubungan Internasional

MANDALA: Jurnal Ilmu Hubungan Internasional The naming philosophy of "MANDALA: Journal of International Relations Science is a reference to the thought system of Artharastra Kautaliya (322-298SM), is one of the references to thought in international relations. This thinking assumes that the King or leader of the state is the dominant actor who advances his country which is assisted by his ministers. This thinking is similar to the assumption of classical international relations which is " your neighbor is your enemy and your neighbor is your friend". Mandala theory is guided by the terms 'Rajadharma' (King's Truth) and 'Nitishastra' (Ethical Ethics) with ethical behavior that is the character of the internal and external policies of the state. This model was used in the era of the Majaapahit kingdom So, the journal of the International Relations Study Program has been very Indonesian which represents the vision of the campus with the identity of "Bela Negara" with one of its content is to prioritize the results of researches, thoughts, scientific reports that intersect directly with Indonesia both as subjects and objects. Therefore, the journal of the International Relations Study Program will be published twice a year, namely the January –June issue and the July –December issue.  

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Vol 5, No 1 (2022): Mandala: Jurnal: Ilmu Hubungan Internasional

Table of Contents

Dwi Ardyanti, Darmelia Puspita Sari
Abstract views : 362 | views : 215 times
Melaty Anggraini
Abstract views : 205 | views : 111 times
Untari Narulita Madyar Dewi
Abstract views : 225 | views : 104 times
Mohamad Rosyidin, Ayu Sabrina, Indra Kusumawardhana
Abstract views : 335 | views : 149 times
Maryam Jamilah, Fardha Dewi Shinta, Anita Afriani Sinulingga
Abstract views : 145 | views : 72 times
Fauzil Azmi, Ali Maksum
Abstract views : 268 | views : 118 times
Muhammad Fauzan Alamari
Abstract views : 250 | views : 89 times