Journal History

"Mandala: Journal of International Relations Science" takes its name from the philosophical foundation of Artharastra Kautilya (322-298 BC), a prominent reference in the field of international relations. This philosophy revolves around the idea that the King or state leader is the principal actor who advances the interests of the nation with the assistance of ministers. This concept bears resemblance to classical international relations theory, which posits that your neighbor can be both your enemy and your friend.

The Mandala theory is guided by the principles of 'Rajadharma' (King's Truth) and 'Nitishastra' (Ethical Ethics), emphasizing ethical behavior as the cornerstone of a state's internal and external policies. This model was employed during the reign of the Majapahit Kingdom, reflecting the deeply Indonesian essence of the International Relations Study Program journal.

The journal embodies the campus's vision of "Bela Negara" and seeks to emphasize research results, scholarly insights, and scientific reports that directly intersect with Indonesia as both subjects and objects of study. To achieve this goal, the International Relations Study Program journal will be published semi-annually, with issues released in January-June and July-December.