Journal of Nursing Widya Gantari Indonesia was first published in 2014, with ISSN registration from LIPI Indonesia.

This journal is intended as a medium for scientific study of research results, thoughts and critical-analytic studies on Nursing issues, both nationally and internationally. The intended scientific articles are in the form of theoretical reviews and empirical studies of related sciences, which can be accounted for and disseminated nationally and internationally.

Journal of Nursing Widya Gantari Indonesia accepts scientific articles with research areas on:

Nursing Science: Medical Surgical Nursing, Pediatric Nursing, Community Nursing, Gerontics and Family, Nursing Management, Maternity Nursing and Psychiatric Nursing.

With articles that have a primary citation and have never been published online or in a print version before.

Widya Gantari Indonesia Journal of Nursing As part of the spirit of disseminating knowledge resulting from research and thoughts to the wider community, the Widya Gantari Indonesia Journal of Nursing website provides journal articles for download free of charge. Journal of Nursing Widya Gantari Indonesia is a national scientific journal which is a reference source for academics. With a schedule of publication 3 (three) times a year, namely March, July and November.



Every article submitted before publication will go through the Plagiarism Checking process through the Turnitin tool. If there is indication of major plagiarism, the manuscript is rejected for publication.