History Journal

Madani: a journal of community service is a journal that has a scope in the field of community service results. In the course of time in 2020, Madani: the journal of community service changed publishers from the Faculty of Economics and Business to the Institute for Research and Community Service of UPN Veteran Jakarta. Thus, the journal governance process has shifted and strengthened the issuance of ISSN by LIPI with SK 0005.27235335/JI.3.1/SK.ISSN/2020.08 number 2723-5335 (Online - Electronic).

In 2021 it became a priority program of LPPM UPNVJ with a focus on being accredited in 2023. On that basis, LPPM UPNVJ involves a team of editors and a team of reviewers who have the capacity to support madani as a nationally accredited journal. Some supporting tools have also been prepared, among others, the existence of plagiarism checks in the peer review process, then subscribing to grammarly for articles submitted using English, then using DOI with the publisher LPPM UPNVJ. From some of these items, it becomes part of quality management for the journal. We hope that the conditions can increase the confidence of authors who will send their contributions to Madani: a journal of community service.