Jurnal Wiyata Madani was established in response to the growing need for a platform to share and disseminate knowledge about civil and community services. This journal aims to provide a forum for academics, practitioners, and community members to share their research, experiences, and ideas on a wide range of topics related to civil and community services.

It was made a priority initiative of LPPM UPNVJ in 2023 with a goal of accreditation in 2023. Based on this, LPPM UPNVJ includes a team of editors and a team of reviewers who can support Jurnal Wiyata Madani (JWM) and its pursuit to be nationally accredited. Additionally, several auxiliary tools have been prepared, such as the inclusion of plagiarism checks in the peer review procedure, namely the use of Grammarly for papers submitted in English, and the use of DOI with publisher LPPM UPNVJ. Some of these things end up being a component of the journal's quality control. We hope that the requirements will give authors more reason to send their work to Madani: a journal of community service.

The journal is committed to publishing high-quality research that is relevant to the field of civil and community services. All papers are subject to a rigorous peer-review process, and only the best papers are accepted for publication. The journal is open to submissions from all over the world and welcomes papers on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  1. The history and development of civil and community services
  2. The role of civil and community services in society
  3. The challenges and opportunities facing civil and community services
  4. The impact of civil and community services on individuals, communities, and society

The journal is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about civil and community services. It provides a forum for sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas, and promoting innovation in the field.

Here are some of the specific benefits of publishing in a journal on civil and community services:

  1. Increased visibility: Your paper will be made available to a wider audience of academics, practitioners, and community members.
  2. Increased impact: Your research will have a greater impact on the field of civil and community services.
  3. Increased credibility: Publishing in a high-quality journal will enhance your credibility as a researcher.
  4. Increased opportunities for collaboration: Publishing in a journal can help you to connect with other researchers and practitioners in the field.

If you are interested in submitting a paper to a journal on civil and community services, please visit the journal's website for more information.