Exploration Of Knowledge And Attitudes Of Remang Fish Skin Cracker Producers Related To Food Labeling In Indramayu Cracker Industry Area

Mia Aunillah Najdain, Dian Luthfiana Sufyan, Taufik Maryusman, Luh Desi Puspareni


As many as 20 out of 30 producers who sell remang fish skin crackers with incomplete food labels and consumers still pay less attention to the food labels on the product packaging. This study aims to explore the knowledge and attitudes of remang fish skin cracker producers on food labels in the Indramayu Cracker Industrial Area. In-depth interviews with 16 producers were conducted using a case study approach with 5 (five) domains, namely knowledge of food labels, attitudes towards food labels, skills to making food labels,  perceptions of food labels (images), and marketing strategies. The results showed that based on the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of remang fish skin cracker producers on food labels, it was stated that the producers were able to make food labels.


Food Labels, Producer Knowledge, Producer Attitudes, Producer Skills, Marketing Strategy

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.52023/ijns.v1i2.3002

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