Eating Disorders Risks and Over Intake of Energy and Macronutrients among Girl Students in Mitra Keluarga School of Health Sciences

Alfi Fairuz Asna, Muh Nur Hasan Syah


Group of adolescents who have eating behaviour disorders, food intake restrictions, alcohol consumption, drug addiction require special nutritional attention. In 2013 there were 73% of obese teens in Indonesia. This prevalence increases every year. This study aims to determine the risk of eating disorders and their relationship with excessive food intake. This study was cross sectional design with the simple sixe of 97 girls in grade of university level. Risk of eating disorders was determined by using questionnaires Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-26). Intake of nutrient was collected by semi quantitative questionnaires. Data analyszed by Chi-square test using SPSS. The results found that among girls, 5% were at high risk of eating disorder, more than 50% have over intake of energy, protein and fat, and 46,4% have over intake of carbohydrate. There was no relationship between risk of eating disorder and energy and macronutrient intake. However, those who were at high risk of eating disorder have over intake of energy, carbohydrate, protein, and fat. Adolescent girls who were at high risk of eating disorders have higher intake of energy and micronutrients. It is recommended for further research on eating disorders risks, eating behaviour and body image.


Eating Disorders; Macronutrient Intake; Obesity

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