Peer Review Process

IJEEE: Indonesia Journal of Electrical Engineering and Electronics has the following policy for the review process:

  1. Manuscripts submitted by authors will undergo a review process by the editor, focusing on checking the alignment of the manuscript with the journal's scope and adherence to the journal template. In this process, plagiarism levels will also be assessed using Turnitin software, with a standard threshold below 25%. The editor will reject manuscripts that do not meet the journal's standards or will forward them to reviewers for the review process if deemed appropriate.

  2. Manuscripts that have passed the first step will be sent to two reviewers for content review through a blind review method.

  3. The review process will consider novelty, objectivity, methodology, scientific impact, conclusions, and references, with a review sheet attached.

  4. Reviewers will suggest revisions and/or accept/reject the article.

  5. The editor will make a decision, taking into consideration the suggestions from the reviewers, on whether the manuscript meets the requirements of IJEEE: Indonesia Journal of Electrical Engineering and Electronics.

  6. The editor's decision is final."