Pelaksanaan Fungsi Pengawasan Hakim Oleh Komisi Yudisial Dalam Upayapencegahan Tindak Pidana Korupsi Dilingkungan Peradilan


  • Matius Evan Anggara Farida Law Office, Jakarta

Kata Kunci:

Ethical Supervision, Judicial Corruption, Judges


Corruption practices in Indonesia in the last decade have shown an increase or escalation, both in quality and quantity, especially the corruption in the judicial environment. Supervision performed by the Judicial Commission is a response to the violations of the conception of Independence and Judicial Impartiality that causes the emergence of Judicial Corruption practices in the Judicial Environment. As an institution that carries out the supervision of judges, The Purpose of Supervision to maintain and uphold the honor, dignity, and behavior of judges. Judge supervision conducted by the Judicial Commission and its correlation with the prevention of corruption in the judicial environment is seen by the characteristics of corruption that are preceded by ethical violations. The implementation of judicial supervision by the Judicial Commission is not yet effective so there is a need to strengthen the authority of the Judicial Commission both through the Amendments of Constitutuin, the revision of the Law, and through the cooperation with the other institutions.