Analisa Konsep Ganti Rugi Dan Kompensasi Dalam Pertanggungjawaban PLN Terhadap Konsumen Listrik

Febrina Isabella, Dwi Aryanti Ramadhani


The role of PLN as entrepreneurs in carry out electrical business has a responsibility to consumer, including when there was a blackout. The result of research confirmed that to offer consumer rights, there are different meanings in law that indicate blurring of the norm due to the inconsistency and disharmony regarding a regulation for damages by reason of blackouts in the midst of Act No. 30 in the year 2009 and Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation No. 27 in the year 2017. The implications of the two regulation can affect the rights of electricity consumers protected by Act No. 8 in the year 1999 about Consumer Protection. The research about inconsistency and disharmony is listed as norm conflict concerning using principle of Lex superior derogat legi inferior. The method of research normative law using descriptive analysis technique. Effort that can be reached by consumers who have been harmed by blackout are non-litigation ways or tribunal.

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Responsibility, Consumer Protection, Power Outages

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