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Vol 1, No 1 (2018): November Country Independence Of State-Owned Enterprises: Relationship Between Private Law And Public Law Sari   PDF
Yoyo Arifardhani
Vol 1, No 1 (2018): November Indonesia‚Äôs Criminal Law Policy On The Victim Of Narcotics Abuse In The Perspective Of Victimology Sari   PDF
Vivi Ariyanti
Vol 1, No 1 (2018): November Legal Implementation On Land Border Management Between Indonesia And Papua New Guinea According to Stephen B. Jones Theory Sari   PDF
Dewa Gede Sudika Mangku
Vol 1, No 1 (2018): November Table of Contents Sari   PDF
Editorial Board
Vol 1, No 1 (2018): November The Existence Of Adat Law Related To Land Right Transaction After Unification Of Indonesian Agrarian Law: The Problem Of Legal Transplant Sari   PDF
Iwan Erar Joesoef
Vol 1, No 1 (2018): November The Role Of Judicial Review In Protecting Religious Minority Rights In Indonesia Sari   PDF
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