The Association Between Patient Characteristics and Disease Outcomes of COVID-19 in Jember, Indonesia

Diana Chusna Mufida, Putu Ayu Laksmi Lestari, Azham Purwandhono, Enny Suswati, Angga Mardro Raharjo


COVID-19 can cause serious conditions in both comorbid and elderly patients; hence, they need to be given proper follow-up treatment. This study aimed to determine the association between patient characteristics and disease outcomes of COVID-19 in Jember, Indonesia. This research is an analytic observational study with cross-sectional approach. The sample was 304 patients who were confirmed positive for COVID-19 at the COVID-19 referral hospitals in Jember. This study used medical record data analysed by using both univariate and bivariate tests. Patient characteristics related to the disease outcomes in patients who were positive for COVID-19 in Jember, are as follows: age (p = 0.000), clinical symptoms (p = 0.017), comorbidities (p = 0.000), and complications (p = 0.000). The unrelated variables were sex (p = 0.455), education level (p = 1.000), domicile (p = 1.000), occupation (p = 0.322), and smoking history (p = 0.147). Patients most at risk of developing fatal outcomes are those with complications. Patient characteristics associated with the disease outcomes in patients positive for COVID-19 were age, clinical symptoms, comorbidities, and complications. While, those that were not related to the disease outcomes in patients were sex, education level, occupation, domicile, and smoking history.


COVID-19; Disease outcome; Patient characteristics

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